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Building Maintenance: 

    1. Excavation and grading, including: 

        a. General excavation and grading.

        b. Site utilities.

        c. Septic systems, wet wells and and grinder pumps, including design and engineering.

        d. Storm drainage systems, including design and engineering.

        e. Retaining walls.

        f. Demolition.


    2. Parking lot removal and replacement or expansion.


    3. Concrete work:

        a. Flatwork, including concrete removal and replacement, patching, and hardened floors.

        b. Foundations and foundation repair.

        c. Concrete leveling, including mud-jacking.


    4. Structural and miscellaneous steel, including:

        a. Beam, column, and bar joist design, fabrication, and erection.

        b. Pre-engineered metal buildings, new, renovation, and additions.

        c. Standing seam metal roof replacements.

        d. Structural steel mezzanines.

        e. Steel stairways.

        f. Crane systems.

        g. Custom racks and shelving.


    5. Interior finishes

        a. Drywall, from patching to new partitions.

        b. Carpentry, from rough framing to high end intricate trim.

        c. Cabinetry.

        d. Painting

        e. Hard flooring, such as ceramic tile, wood flooring, vinyl composition tile, vinyl plank flooring, and carpet tile

        f. Epoxy flooring, concrete staining, and polish and seal.

        g. Acoustical ceilings.

        h. Clean rooms.


    6. Elevator installations.


    7. Fire Sprinkler system retrofits.


    8. Plumbing, including:

        a. Service and repairs.

        b. Major plumbing installations by referral to proven subcontractors.


    9. Equipment installation:

        a. Mixers

        b. Proofers

        c. Ovens

        d. Paint booths

        e. Lab benches.

        f. Fume hoods.

        g. Computer rooms.

        h. Remote switch gear installations.

        i. Overhead cranes.

        j. Underground and above ground storage tanks, including new installations, and replacement.

        h. Display cases and modular shelving.

        i. Industrial racking and shelving.


    10. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning including:

        a. Routine service including filter changes and preventative maintenance.

        b. Energy audits, and replacement of antiquated equipment with energy efficient equipment, which can result in cutting your heating and air conditions expense in half.

        c. Heat recovery systems, to recover process heat.

        d. New system installation by referral to proven subcontractors.

        e. Paint booth installations.

        f. General ventilation, including exhaust fans, and operable shutters for cross flow shop ventilation.

        g. Welding shop exhaust systems.

        h. Fume hoods.

        i. Clean rooms.


    11. Refrigeration, including:

        a. Walk-in coolers and freezers retail scale, or large industrial or food processing scale.

        b. Cold storage systems and doors.


    12. Electrical, including:

        a. Lamp, fixture, and ballast replacement.

        b. New service installation and major projects, by referral to proven subcontractors.

        c. Solar installations.

        d. Energy audits.

        f. Installation of energy conservation devices, such as occupant sensors, LED lighting, work station and task lighting. Gifts, that keep on giving to reduce your bottom line.


   13. Waste treatment systems, including:

        a. Package waste treatment system design and installation.

        b. Post process waste treatment.

        c. Design and installation of wet wells, and grinder pumps.


   14. Water systems, including:

        a. Installation of large capacity domestic or process water mains, meters, and backflow preventers.

        b. Installation of well systems, including treatment systems, reverse osmosis systems, pumps, and pressure tanks.

        c. Installation of water recovery and treatment systems.

        d. Installation


    15. Compressed Natural Gas, CNG installations.


    16. Fuel system installations, including tanks, piping, dispensers, canopies, unattended fuel controllers, and monitoring equipment.


If you are in need of routine building maintenance, preventative maintenance, or assistance with additions, renovations, of special projects, give M.A.C. a call. We bring 38 years of design, engineering, and construction experience with us to every project.


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