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M.A.C. Corporation has over 20 years of experience building cold storage buildings with Insulated Metal Panels (IMP). 


IMPs are the industry accepted method of construction for facilities which require refrigerated or low-temperature controlled interior environments. The proper installation of IMPs demand a greater understanding of the following technology than stardard construction. 


- Understanding the lifting and handling requirements for IMPs

- Understading the differential expansion and contraction dynamics between IMPs and framing

- Understanding the heat flow dynamics and minimizing the thermal conductance through the wall or roof

- Understanding the field installed insulating materials suitable for cold storage applications


M.A.C. Corp has provided New Construction as well as Retrofiting existing buildings for Cold Storage. We have experience installing coolers, freezers, and blast freezers for these types of buildings. 


Previous Cold Storage Clients Include:


- Commercial Distribution

- Safeway

- Armour Foods

- Swift Eckridge Meats

- Polar Pak

- Fleming Foods

- Continental Baking Company

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