Robert W. Andrew graduated from Wichita State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Directly out of school, he became an engineer in training with Skelly Oil Company, and later with Shannon Wilson, an international consulting firm. From 1973 to 1978, he was the Vice President of Pool and Canfield Construction. In 1978, he co-founded M.A.C. Corporation, a commercial, institutional, and industrial design build construction and development firm, with Jim Dent, a highly acclaimed architect. M.A.C. and affiliated companies have put in place more than $400,000,000.00 worth of development and design build projects in 12 states, throughout the Midwest. Mr. Andrew founded Store Fixture Systems, in 1985, and Image Real Estate, a commercial real estate brokerage business in 1995, as part of a vertical integration plan.


He has been very active in civic affairs, supporting local charities, serving on the board of the home owners associations at the Lake of the Ozarks, and at his principal residence. In 2005, Mr. Andrew was recognized as Missouri Businessman of the Year, by the National Republican Congressional Committee, and served on George W. Bush’s Tax Advisory Council. Mr. Andrew was a founding member and served on the Board of the Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation for three years, the board of the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce for three years, served as chairman of a regional economic development group, serves on the Jackson County Mass Transit task force, served on the City of Kansas City, Missouri budget task force, and is co-chairman of the Renew the Blue Economic Development Key Performance Area.


Robert has been active in the real estate development business, and thru associated companies owns and manages 22,000 sf. of commercial and industrial property, down from a peak of 64,200 sf. in 2007, and currently has approximately 20,000 sf. of commercial property on the drawing boards. He also owns three tax credit multi-family residential projects, with a partner.


Mr. Andrew's primary passions are job creation and education, two of the fundamental building blocks for a healthy economy and a safe and vibrant community.

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