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Brenda Andrew graduated from Wichita State University and has 37 years of real estate experience. Directly out of college, Brenda became the Executive Director at the municipal Housing Authority. In 1988 she moved on to become a Regional Property Manager where her responsibilities included the preparation of the annual budget, marketing plans, payroll, budget reviews, hiring, and managing a staff consisting of property managers, leasing agents, grounds keepers, and maintenance personnel. In 1995 Brenda become the President of Management Associates Corporation, a commercial and residential property management company.


Brenda has acquired several certifications. She is a Certified Public Housing Manager, Section 8 Administrator, Apartment Manager, Occupancy Specialist, Assistant Housing Manager, Fair Housing Section 504 Compliance, and H.U.D. Rental Re-hab. She has also expanded her Real Estate Expertise to include Real Estate Development and Real Estate Sales. For many years Brenda was a Senior Sales Executive with Reece and Nichols Realtors. While there she was involved in Real Estate Acquisitions, Development, and Sales.


Brenda Co-Founded Image Real Estate and in 2006 she acquired her Brokers License as part of M.A.C.’s vertical integration plan. In 2007 Brenda came on full time with M.A.C. as Business Manager. Her responsibilities include coordinating between Project Managers, sub-contactors, and field staff, office management, accounting, contract negotiation, staffing, regulatory and government compliance, and all areas of administrative support.

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