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Eric Solomon II studied Construction Management at Missouri State University and has 10 years of architectural design and planning experience. Eric has won numerous awards for his architectural designs and drafting creativity, including 2 Grand Prizes at a state wide drafting competition. His design talent quickly brought him into the cross-hairs of several companies which lead to him being recruited by a firm while still in college.


Eric Solomon II has expanded his expertise to include marketing and consumer relations. Along side his design career, Eric developed a marketing business that he expanded throughout the Midwest. While building his business, Eric was an in demand speaker at numerous sales and marketing training conferences. His 6 years of marketing and promotional experience have opened up several business and consulting opportunities. In 2011 Eric Solomon II helped found Domenari Private Equity Partners, LLC and is currently a Managing Partner.


Sonwise, LLC, founded by Eric Solomon II, is a consulting and design firm that specializes in all aspects of the real estate development process. With an emphasis on architectural design and conceptual site development, Sonwise has become M.A.C. Corp’s primary source for conceptual design and technical expertise. While working with M.A.C. Corp, Eric Solomon II has expanded the role of Sonwise to include all marketing and promotional efforts, project due diligence, equipment purchasing, and business development.

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